See You In 2

It is better to look up.
— President Thomas S. Monson

Our Missionary has been gone for a month now.

August 19, 2015 -

After spending 5 1/2 precious consecutive days with our boy, we spent one sacred hour on the Provo, Utah Temple grounds as a family.  The clocked ticked, he checked his watch almost every 10 minutes.  I'm positive he was sad to leave us behind, and excited for what was ahead.  There was nothing but still air, a common silence, and comforting peace.  This boy, not yet a man, had long since prepared his heart and his life.  He had already committed himself to the Lord long before we delivered our 18 years of hard work to the MTC.

Younger siblings were at a loss as to how to handle the peace they felt.  We wanted to weep.  We wanted to mourn his temporary absence.  Our boy had fasted. His plea was for peace, comfort and joy for all of us.  There was one other sacred time we felt this amazing peace, one.  That was when my sweet husband was diagnosed with cancer.  Peace and joy.  Overwhelming peace and joy.  It's not supposed to be easy but it was.  My son is safer in the Lords hands than he is in mine.

30 days have come and gone, where did they go?  I'm physically up early everyday.  My mind is constantly thinking, running.  I'm not trying to keep busy.  It didn't happen on purpose.  Twelve years of tinkering with my camera, diligent service, missionary mom life and 5 children still at home, have brought me to this point.  The little ones are following suit.  It's time for business.  It's become a family affair.

At one point my wise boy had asked, "How do you calculate what your time is worth?"  I replied, "It's not my time I'm measuring, It's my time away from the seven of you that I'm considering."  He chuckled. 

- Cover Photo Credit - Nicholas Gallegos

I'm grateful for my young protege's.  Their passion to capture life has grown.  Their eyes have captured tender moments.  Their perspective helps me see myself.  I was so focused on holding my boys hand that I didn't recognize that he was seeing me in a different light.   He studied me with a smile.  I wonder what he was thinking?  Perhaps, "Look up mom!  It's always better to look up."  He would.  It's one of President Monson's  many quotes.