When we serve in the name of the Lord, with purity of heart, we reflect the Savior’s love and give others a glimpse of heaven.
— Here to Serve a Righteous Cause By Carol F. McConkie, October 2015 General Conference

Family.  That's the purpose of our existence.  Love.  Compassion.  Kindness.  Genuine concern for each other.  All of which are evidences that we belong to a unit that innately contradicts selfishness, a unit that helps us forget ourselves and continually serve others.

I am grateful for the opportunity to witness families practice principles of truth.  We don't have to fully know families to be inspired by them.  I love how you can genuinely feel and see goodness in people.  You can plainly sense it.  It is always a pleasure to capture beautiful people with beautiful souls.

I pondered the rarity of genuine kindness these days.  I then turned to the individual experiences I had when I photographed each of the Lobato children.  True, sincere kindness.  Fun.  I just knew they were great kids.  As I sat editing, my 7th grader joined me as he usually does to learn the trade.  He had chosen not to join me on this shoot.  He said, "You didn't tell me the shoot was for Marcus' family!!!"  I replied, I just met Marcus and his family!  Wait...you know Marcus?!?!"  Frustrated that he missed out, Matthew smiles as he looks me square in the eye and says, "Mom, Marcus is SUCH (with huge eyes) a good kid (as in gooder than good!), and he's funny too!"  

Lobato Family, thank you for allowing me to capture your sweet family.  You have amazing children. Thank you for making an impression on my heart.  Thank you for sharing your piece of Heaven with me.  I am forever grateful! 

I met the Lobato Family through a fundraising opportunity for our local Elsinore Valley Thunder Football League.  If you'd like more information regarding the league please visit http://evthunder.org 


Stowell - en Treasures

Stowell - en Treasures

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